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Alloro Suite, 4-star Bologna Hotel

The 4-star Hotel Alloro Suite in Bologna near the city center. A great way to enjoy the porticos and taverns of Bologna without ever worrying about where to park: Alloro Suite provides private parking and you can reach downtown Bologna in just a few minutes on the bicycles provided by the hotel. For travelers who come to Bologna to visit the Expo center, the Alloro Suite Hotel is the right place to be! In fact, it is strategically located near the Bologna Expo center.

A special hotel in Bologna, the Hotel Alloro Suite

A one of a kind hotel in Bologna: designed for relax, the peaceful atmosphere will almost make you forget that you're just a few minutes away from downtown Bologna. Night life, great food and Bologna hospitality await you! You won't find another hotel in Bologna like the Alloro Suite. An oasis of tranquility and comfort.

Come and enjoy the Alloro Suite Hotel.. and don't forget to visit Bologna!

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